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Cheesecake Success!

Well, I went for the most difficult recipe (this one from my list) and pulled it off! It had a really great texture and was nice and spicy. Sorry about the bad picture…I really rushed it because this piece was waiting to be eaten!

There were a couple issues I had (of course). First I couldn’t find any gingersnap cookies (I know, I couldn’t believe it either). So I took the graham cracker crust recipe from another cheesecake, added the pecans according to THIS recipe, and crossed my fingers. I sort of started it off on the wrong foot though, I misread the recipe (oops) and started baking the crust in the water bath (wrap springform pan in foil, set in roasting pan and put an inch of hot water in the bottom and bake in that). I kept taking the crust out and wondering why it wasn’t firm yet…then it dawned on me that the water bath was keeping the oven pretty moist. Duh. So I took it out of that and baked it again, but it never firmed up all the way. It was okay though.

I also had major issues with the crunchy topping. I wasted so much brown sugar trying to get it right! I followed the directions – spread a 9″ circle of sugar on foil and broil for a couple minutes until it turns browns and just bubbles. I didn’t spread it out evenly enough at first so the edges would be bubbling and smoking pretty quickly but the inside was still just sugar. Eventually I got enough done that I was able to do little shards of the stuff instead of the big fancy pieces shown in the recipe illustration. This was better anyway, it was pretty rich and hard on your teeth! It tasted great though.

So for my first cheesecake…this was pretty good! I’ll definitely be making another!


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Thanksgiving Plans

Well, I’m not making a turkey (mom will take care of that), but I am responsible for the dessert. Thanksgiving dessert is all about pumpkin for me, and my mom has suggested a cheesecake…so we’ll see what we can find.

First up is this crunchy-top version. The caramel shards are awesome and they look really impressive – but probably out of my league. Although I should be able to do it with those step-by-step instructions, right?

I like this simple one with whip cream. Everyone in my family likes whip cream anyway. I also don’t think I’d mess this one up.

This one with caramel sauce sounds good too, although I don’t know how well the sauce would work….I have to transport this cake.

I don’t even have a springform pan yet, but I’ll find one tomorrow and post the result of one of these recipes!

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