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I just tried to make a frozen shepherd’s pie and asparagus. All I had to do was put the frozen pie in the oven for an hour, and stick the asparagus in the microwave.


First, the asparagus turned out to be too old and was getting slimy so we couldn’t eat it. Secondly, the instructions on the shepherd’s pie clearly said “REMOVE PRODUCT FROM ALL PACKAGING AND PUT ON A BAKING SHEET”

So I did that. I took it out of the little pie-carton and put it on the baking sheet. When The Royal Taster got home I was peering into the oven looking rather concerned, because the thing had flattened out like a pizza and it just didn’t look right. The Royal Taster told me I should have left it in it’s carton, but it said to remove from ALL PACKAGING!!

When I took it out of the oven, it was all flat and looked a little weird, but we were going to try and eat it anyway. So much for that idea though…the bottom had burnt itself onto the pan about half an inch thick. So now I am picking off the potato from the top while we wait for pizza to be delivered. How did I manage to mess up frozen food?!


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