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Thanksgiving Plans

Well, I’m not making a turkey (mom will take care of that), but I am responsible for the dessert. Thanksgiving dessert is all about pumpkin for me, and my mom has suggested a cheesecake…so we’ll see what we can find.

First up is this crunchy-top version. The caramel shards are awesome and they look really impressive – but probably out of my league. Although I should be able to do it with those step-by-step instructions, right?

I like this simple one with whip cream. Everyone in my family likes whip cream anyway. I also don’t think I’d mess this one up.

This one with caramel sauce sounds good too, although I don’t know how well the sauce would work….I have to transport this cake.

I don’t even have a springform pan yet, but I’ll find one tomorrow and post the result of one of these recipes!

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